Winter training

In case you decide to use our fleet of aircraft, we bring to your attention the upcoming Winter Training 2021. As we are committed to the safety and high standard of operation of our aircraft, it is important that you carefully consider your attendance at this training.

In view of the ongoing pandemic situation, we have decided to offer distance learning training from the comfort of your own home. The training is prepared in cooperation with PROAVIATE flight school, which is currently the leader in training and theoretical education in Slovakia in the field of aviation.

The training will take place on 6.3.2021 (Saturday) starting at 09:00. The exact schedule and details of the training will be sent to you in the next few days by email. The preliminary estimated duration of the training is about 5 hours.

The training will focus on the following areas:

1. News and changes in the field of aviation legislation, (overview of changes for 2020, changes in regulations, AIP SR, European legislation);

2. Human factor in aviation, (human factor and limitations and their impact on flying);

3. Airspace structure and corresponding communication, (airspace in Bratislava FIR and its changes, ATC clearances, communication with FIC, use of QNH);

4. Incident Analysis, (analysis of incidents/accidents from a general aviation environment);

5. Information from the VLP of the Očová airport operator, Marek Sedliak, about changes and rules of flying at Očová airport as well as about changes in the airspace of the original CTR and TMA of Sliač airport.

Important notice:

After completing the training, everyone who participated in the training will receive an entry in the pilot’s logbook about the completion of winter training and preparation for the season and this entitles them to fly Flying Service, Sky Story and we finalize the validity of the training in the environment of SNA (aeroclubs).

The training is provided free of charge by our partner companies:

Flying Service, s.r.o.

Sky Story, s.r.o.

Skydiving club Banská Bystrica, o.z.

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