Applicants for this type of training must be a LAPL (A) / PPL (A) pilot. The purpose of night qualification training is to teach the pilot to fly independently and safely at night under VMC conditions. It is also another step towards the procedure for training a transport pilot and a condition for obtaining a commercial pilot’s license. For recreational flying, this means you can spend more time in the air, which is an advantage especially on shorter days. Flight training is a minimum of 5 hours and is performed on a Diamond DA40D aircraft.

Minimal requirements

Course progress

The aviation course is divided into theoretical and practical - aviation part.

Theoretical part

Theoretical training focuses on the difference between flying during the day and at night, the use of lights and orientation according to lighting at airports.

Practical part

Practical training consists of circuits and navigation flights at night in pairs.

Upon completion of the training, he / she shall be able to fly in VMC under safe VFR at night, be able to deal effectively with emergencies and perform appropriate procedures.

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