PPL (A) / SEP (L)

Career introduction


If you are interested in doing aviation professionally in the future, a Private Pilot License is the only right start for you on the way to a transport aircraft.

Holders of a PPL (A) license and an SEP (L) rating may operate on single-engine piston airplanes up to 5 700 kg.

Minimal requirements

Course progress

The aviation course is divided into theoretical and practical - aviation part.

Theoretical part

The theoretical part is provided in cooperation with our partner company PROAVIATE and consists of at least 100 hours of teaching.

During the course, candidates will get acquainted with the following subjects:

  • Human law and ATC procedures
  • Human performance
  • Meteorology
  • Communication
  • Fundamentals of Flight (Aerodynamics)
  • Operating procedures
  • Flight planning and execution
  • General knowledge of aircraft
  • Navigation
Practical part

The training is carried out under the training of the organization FLYING SERVICE DTO and performed on PS28 Cruiser or Diamond DA40D aircraft. Our instructors are experienced transport pilots with many years of experience.

Students must complete a minimum of 45 hours of flight instruction to learn basic and advanced piloting techniques, instrument flights and navigation flights.

The method of completion of the training is performed by a theoretical examination at the Transport Office of the Slovak Republic and a practical examination with an examiner.

Upon successful completion of PPL (A) private pilot training with a class rating for SEP (L) single-engine piston airplanes, the holder may perform the function of pilot-in-command (PIC) without compensation for private purposes.

Holder of a PPL (A) license may extend the qualification to VFR Night, Multi-Engine (ME) or Instrument Flight (IR)

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