AUPRT (Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training)


The aim of the AUPRT training is to teach pilots how to manage the physiological and psychological aspects of losing control of an airplane and to develop habits and proper piloting technique when restoring control of the control. The training shall be conducted on aircraft suitable for this type of training.

Minimal requirements

Course progress

The aviation course is divided into theoretical and practical - aviation part.

Theoretical part

The theoretical part focuses on the preparation of the pilot how to properly prevent and anticipate non-standard situations and their correct prevention.

Practical part

The practical part consists of the flight itself and testing non-standard situations in the air and how to properly solve them in flight and get the aircraft under control.

After completing the training, the pilot should be able to anticipate and evaluate non-standard situations during the flight or in the event of loss of control in a timely and correct manner, and then to react correctly when dealing with them.

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