The goal of acrobatic training is to create the pilot’s knowledge and pilot habits that will allow him to safely perform acrobatic maneuvers and their sets. Aerobatic training shall be conducted on an appropriate type of aircraft that is authorized to perform aerobatic flights.

This training course is intended to ensure the mastery of basic acrobatic elements, which will enable the pilot to acquire:

the ability to assess what level of aerobatic flight difficulty he may choose having regard to the level of his capabilities and the capabilities of the aircraft at his disposal, necessary safety habits and, orientation in space

Minimal requirements

Course progress

The aviation course is divided into theoretical and practical - aviation part.

Theoretical part

Theoretical preparation consists of several subjects such as. human performance, technical subjects, correct execution of acrobatic maneuvers, emergency procedures, etc.

Practical part

The practical training consists of various acrobatic maneuvers, various overloads and their selections, so that the pilot feels safe in the training.

After completing the aerobatic training, the pilot shall be entered on the license in the license and the pilot may perform aerobatic flights on aircraft that have approved aerobatics, participate in aerobatic competitions, etc.

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