The aim of the training is to obtain a license for a pilot of airplanes to tow a glider. The pilot should acquire acceptable knowledge and experience in glider towing technique and acceptable theoretical knowledge in dealing with emergency situations. The training is performed on a suitable type of aircraft (eg Cessna 172) and a towed Twin Astir glider from a partner school Flying Service DTO.

Minimal requirements

Course progress

The aviation course is divided into theoretical and practical - aviation part.

Theoretical part

The theoretical part consists of 3-5 hours of preparation, where the technical data and limitations of gliders and the procedure and technique of carrying out the glider and safety procedures are discussed.

Practical part

The practical part consists of the flights themselves with a towed aircraft.

After completing the training, the flight instructor will process. A record of the completion of theoretical instruction and flight training and shall make an entry in the flight log and confirm by signature only after the completion of the flight part of the course. The pilot shall be credited to the license.

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