FI(A) refresher seminar – aeroplanes

One of the options for the revalidation of an FI(A) flight certificate is to complete the 12-hour refresher training for FI(A) aeroplane instructor pilots in accordance with the requirements of FCL.940 of Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011.

The FI(A) Refresher Seminar is organised as a two-day seminar by our Sky Story ATO school . Our partner PROAVIATE holds the position of organizational and professional guarantor. In this cooperation, we have thoroughly prepared the content and implementation of this training.

The seminar consists of several blocks, which are highly interconnected and made up of practical experience gained by Sky Story ATO instructors during the delivery of PPL(A)/LAPL(A), FI(A) and AUPRT training, as well as experience and proven learning methods during the delivery of PROAVIATE instructors’ theoretical training.

If you have any further questions, please write to or You can subscribe to the seminar via order form PROAVIATE and enter your licence number in the NOTE field, or you can use the pre-booking form on this page.

6. a 12. February 08:30 registration 150,- EUR

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