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A question people often ask on adventure flights is “Where is the most beautiful place?” and our answer to that is “Everything is beautiful from the air”. In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the flight itineraries we would suggest, the ones we fly most often and the ones our passengers love. We have two time slots, 30 and 60 min for which our pilots will try to show you as much of our beautiful country as possible. You can choose where you would like to fly from, either from Očová airport or Lučenec airport.

In this article we will talk about flight options from Očová airport.

30 minute flight from Očová airport

The village of Očová is located in the central Slovesno region near the town of Zvolen. It is surrounded by beautiful nature near the extinct volcano Poľana. From Očova we can offer you 3 flight options that people like. The first route leads from Očová through the two towns of Zvolen and Banská Bystrica. In Zvolen we can see the beautiful ruins of the deserted castle from the mountains, as well as the beauty of the Zvolen castle and the beautiful big square in the town. Then it flies about 5 min over Banská Bystrica. During the overflight we can see the military airport Sliač and if we are lucky maybe also fighter jets. In Banská Bystrica we will again bring you a different view of what you are used to if you have ever been there before. Again, you’ll see that the towns seem so small from above and everything seems to be just a stone’s throw away from each other. The Bystrica Observatory and the surrounding nature and hills that surround the town are also interesting.

The second popular route is from Očová eastwards to Podpoľanie over the Detviansko – Hriňovské lazy to the currently drained water reservoir Ružiná. A few minutes after takeoff we will show you the beautiful reconstructed Vígľaš castle and we continue to the beautiful region of Podpoľanie where you will really understand how huge the lazy days are when you see all the scattered houses in the vicinity of Detva and Hriňová. We continue above the water reservoir Ružiná, the adjacent village Divín in which there is also a beautiful castle ruins and a manor house. The flight continues back to Očová over the water reservoir Hriňová and along the beautiful massive massif of the former volcano Poľana.

Route number 3 leads from Očová over the town of Zvolen to the beautiful surroundings of Banská Štiavnica. Here you will be captivated by the view of the nature around the town, which is one of the most beautiful Slovak towns. But from above, everything looks different again and we can guarantee that it is even more beautiful. Calvary, Štiavnica castles, taichs in the surroundings of the town, St. Anton manor and the highest peak of the Štiavnické vrchy mountains – Sitno. The whole nature around the town is breathtaking and the view of it from the mountains makes it even more beautiful. The road back to Očová leads again over Zvolen, where we can show you the Deserted Castle, which is the largest castle in Central Europe, the Zvolen Castle, the square and the Zvolen Dam.

60 minute flight from Očová airport

The most common route and the route that most people want to see leads over one of the most beautiful mountain ranges and that is over the Low Tatras and their most famous hills Ďumbier and Chopok, which are our plane over the hill and literally, just fly over the massif of Poľana a little bit Horehronie and we are there. Basically, this route is full of nature and hills, which our central Slovakia is dotted with. So, right after the take-off we can see the beautiful massif of Poľana and the valley created by the lava during the explosion. As we said, we will fly through Horehronie towards Brezno, along the Low Tatras up to the end of the mountains Chopok and Ďumbier. Of course, if the weather allows us, we will fly a bit beyond Brezno and see our beautiful High Tatras. Of course, we will have to climb a bit higher to get to all this and once we enjoy our hills and the surroundings of Brezno, we have two ways to get back to the airport. Either we will go down along the Low Tatras towards Banská Bystrica and on the way we will see the beautiful castle in the village of Slovenská Ľupča or we will continue along the route full of nature, we will see the other side of the Poľana River and we will fly over the town of Hriňová and see the beauty of Podpoľanie. Of course, it all depends on the weather as well, because we are all about your comfort and making you feel as comfortable as possible during your flight.

Our pilots are from the beginning of your arrival at the airport, whether it is in Očová or Lučenec, fully ready to devote themselves to you, to make you as comfortable as possible and to create the most beautiful Heavenly story for you.

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