Cessna 182E as a novelty in Očová

On Thursday evening, for the first time in the Slovak airspace, another paratrooper Cessna 182 E appeared. It will serve the needs of the “paragons” mainly at the home airfield under Poľana, in Očová. The parachute group hereby expands its squadron with a second Cessna aircraft of the same type from the most well-known […]

Sky Story at the Aviation Festival Piešt’any 2022

Sky Story ATO was one of the few flight schools to participate in the first edition of the European Aviation Exhibition AeroExpo 2022, held during the first weekend of May as part of the Festival of Aviation at the airport in Piešt’any. The AeroExpo exposition consisted of more than 70 exhibitors from various aviation sectors […]

FI(A) refresher seminar – aeroplanes

One of the options for the revalidation of an FI(A) flight certificate is to complete the 12-hour refresher training for FI(A) aeroplane instructor pilots in accordance with the requirements of FCL.940 of Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011. The FI(A) Refresher Seminar is organised as a two-day seminar by our Sky Story ATO school . Our partner […]

Experiential flights – What you can see with us


A question people often ask on adventure flights is “Where is the most beautiful place?” and our answer to that is “Everything is beautiful from the air”. In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the flight itineraries we would suggest, the ones we fly most often and the ones our […]

Winter training

In case you decide to use our fleet of aircraft, we bring to your attention the upcoming Winter Training 2021. As we are committed to the safety and high standard of operation of our aircraft, it is important that you carefully consider your attendance at this training. In view of the ongoing pandemic situation, we […]

A cruiser flying behind the Arctic Circle

“Oskar Mike, Sierra Charlie November, good morning. PS-28 Cruiser by Sky Story “… these words were heard by air communication at the airport in Brno Tuřany recently for the first time. Yes, this is also proof of development, innovation and progress. To provide its customers with the best services and options in the field of […]

Did she say yes? Asking for a hand in marriage on board an aircraft

It was supposed to be an ordinary birthday present. Actually, not so much ordinary as original. A plane trip at the end of winter over the snow-blown and ice-frozen Tatras. From Boľkovce airport near Lučenec on board a four-seater Diamond DA40 TDI aircraft of Flying service – Sky Story. The weather was perfect for a […]