Would you like to look at the world from above or try what it’s like to fly an airplane? So we are here for you. Whether you are from Central, Western or Eastern Slovakia, we are ready for you in Očová, Lučenec and Nitra. You can choose the route and flight time yourself. You can choose whether you want to fly alone on our two-seater PS28 Cruiser (Pilot + 1 passenger), with family or friends on our four-seater Diamond DA40D (pilot + 3 passengers) and you will also receive an expert explanation from our filters.

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Non-binding reservation

Predbežná rezervácia / Pre-booking
Vyberte si letisko a trvanie letu / Choose the airport and flight duration*
Zážitkový let bude na lietadle PS-28 Cruiser (The experience flight will be on a PS-28 Cruiser aircraft)
Orientačný dátum letu / Approximate flight date*
Meno a Priezvisko / Name and Surname*
Telefónne číslo / Phone*
Fakturačná adresa / Billing address*
Poznámka / Note
*Platnosť poukazu je 6 mesiacov / The voucher is valid for 6 months
**Čas a dátum môže byť menený po dohode s prevádzkovateľom / The time and date can be changed in agreement with the operator
***Let bude upresnený po dohode s prevádzkovateľom / The flight will be specified in agreement with the operator
Spolu / Together
€ s DPH ( with TAX)

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